Feb 18th Post

Thoughts from my brain land.

By JAXON G February 18th,  2023, 2:58 a.m. PST

Recently I decided to start doing daily videos, and while I think it will be pretty good it had little effect on the amount of time editing this week's game dev recap video.  My thoughts on what should happen, starting this next week.  Ideally, I will edit for only 2-3 hours a day for each of the 6 days that I try to make progress on any of my games.  And then the editing on Friday, for the week's recap will just be minor adjustments to the collection of already edited progress days.  Only taking up another 1- 2 ish hours, unlike this week where I edited for 4.5 hours on 2 of the days, and probably 2-3 hours on one other day,  then another 8.5 hours of editing on Friday.  Which is a lot,  however, I think it's just sort of a fluke stat, because, on 2 of those days, I made a lot of progress so the edited-down day was still 3-5 minutes.  

I'm hoping that my time put in will eventually be worth it.  But the world may never know.  At the least, all the stuff is fun to do, minus when the editing goes over 6 hours in a day.  

I think a few of my games are on a good path, toward a good game.  I've only worked on Project Lobster for 2 days, and in those days I've gotten a nice base world generation coded, inventory management, and mining/building with blocks.  The world gen currently includes grass, dirt, and stone blocks,  with "caves" cut into the ground.  Then the inventory allows for moving items from one slot to another and throwing out unwanted items.  And for Otok, I have some nice ideas in my brain for how to improve the game slightly.  But anyways, I must go make the thumbnail for my video coming out later today.

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