Otok - A Very Chill Sandbox "City Builder", No Goals, Just Build.

This is a very chill Sandbox "City Builder", No Goals, just build your island as beautifully as you can with the given buildings.

When you start the game gives you a 4x4 up to 12x12 block island, and the colors of the Roofs, Water, Grass, and Trees, are randomly picked.

Then you are given a random building that you can rotate and place where you choose. After placing you will be given another building, to build a nice little pretty island.

Current Styles include:

- Medieval (castle-type stuff)

- Plain (modern-day normal-looking buildings)

- Adobe (pueblo architectural style)

The most recent build as of writing this is 1.04, which included the Advanced Island Generation, complex water, and a Lighthouse that can be tapped/clicked to light up all unfilled tiles

The Game is solo developed, hopefully, you enjoy it, it's a very simple concept.

And this is my first game in actual 3D where I had to use Blender to model the buildings.

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